From its beginning in 1920, the Garden Club of Virginia has directed public attention to conservation issues around the state by establishing Conservation as its first standing committee. Through that committee, the GCV pledged to conserve natural resources, plant trees and deal with pests and pesticides. Today, the Garden Club of Virginia is still leading the way by focusing attention on conservation issues through educational leadership initiatives and legislative involvement.

The Garden Club of Virginia’s inaugural Conservation and Environmental Studies Fellowship for 2015 was awarded to Nikki Andresen (center), a senior Virginia Commonwealth University. Nikki will work to define the rhizosphere metagenome of the pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava, to aid conservation efforts. Celebrating with Nikki are: Alexandra Thomas, Dolley Madison Garden Club; Bonnie Brown, Professor of Biology, VCU; GCV President Jeanette Cadwallender; and Tuckie Westfall, GCV Conservation Chairman.


Conservation, Garden Club of Virginia

The gypsy moth is native to Europe and Asia but has become a major pest of hardwood forests in the eastern United States. Natural spread first brought gypsy moths to northern Virginia around 1980 and populations now cover approximately two thirds of the state. Gypsy moth is an outbreak pest. Population levels can remain low for several years before causing major problems. The last major outbreak was in 2001, when over 440,000 acres were defoliated in Virginia.
Photo from Danville Master Gardener Association

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