Conservation Educator Award

“… To conserve the gifts of nature, to restore and preserve historic landscapes of the commonwealth, to cultivate the knowledge and love of gardening, and to lead future generations to build on this heritage.”

The Conservation Educator Award is designed to recognize individuals or organizations whose work in an educational environment supports the mission of the Garden Club of Virginia and its conservation ideals. This recognition award will be given to individuals or organizations who create a learning environment which benefits the community. The learning environment may extend beyond a traditional “school” environment, and recipients may be educators, scout leaders, 4-H leaders, Master Gardeners, or other environmental-minded organizations.

The Conservation Educator Award will promote the ideals of conservation through education.

Download Conservation Educator Award Guidelines

Nominations Are Open Until June 1


2023 Karla Smith and Dr. Woodward “Woody” Bousquet

2022 Robin Dunbar, The Elizabeth River Project and The Big Water Visitor Center, Kiptopeke State Park

2021 Allegheny Mountain Institute and Jennifer Erving, Youth Education Specialist at Norfolk Botanical Garden

2020 Candace Lutzow-Felling, Sarah McGuire Nuss and Phil Satolli

2019 Jim Jones, Natural Bridge State Park

2018 Nancy Newman

2017 Jody Ullmann, Director of Lynnhaven River Now Pearl School Program

2016 The Roots & Shoots Intergenerational Garden Program