Hollins University

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Address: Hollins University
City: Roanoke
State: VA

Situated in the Roanoke Valley, between the Appalachians and the Alleghenies, the Hollins campus is surrounded by spectacular views in all directions. At its center is a classical quadrangle, framed on all sides by the white-columned brick buildings. In 1930, Lucy Beale Huffman, a Hollins alumna, gave a garden to the University in honor of her mother, Lucy Preston Beale, who graduated from Hollins in 1864 and remained enormously loyal and generous to her alma mater throughout her life. Her two great loves were literature and gardening so a garden in the heart of the educational institution that she loved is both a fitting tribute and an important link to the University's heritage. Roanoke landscape architect, A. A. Farnham, designed the garden, originally constructed in 1930. The restored garden includes stone walls, walks, benches, streamside improvements and native plantings. In addition to serving the faculty, staff and students, it has become a destination for the Roanoke community and visitors from around the world.


Year: 2006
Landscape Architect: William D. Rieley

Restoration of garden designed by Albert Farnham given in memory of Lucy Preston Beale



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