Fincastle Presbyterian Church

City: Botetourt County
State: VA
Zip: 24090
Phone: 434 473-2042

The town of Fincastle is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Botetourt County and was formerly the gateway to all the territory west of the Mississippi. Christ Church, originally the property of the Church of England, was erected in about 1770 and sat on a hilltop overlooking the village below. With the dissolution of the Church of England after the Revolution, Christ Church was closed. In 1795, the church property was transferred to the Presbyterians who had come from Scotland, via Ireland and Pennsylvania. As the active congregation diminished over the years, the property suffered from neglect. During the years 1942-43, the Garden Club of Virginia restored the churchyard. A wall was built along the west side of the graveyard and the tombstones were reset and repaired. An existing iron fence and gates were repaired, a brick terrace was built immediately in front of the church, and a brick walk was restored between the entrance to the churchyard and the church. Only simple planting was needed to restore the landscape in this historic setting. 

Year: 1942

Restored and made repairs in the churchyard, built terrace and wall, plantings