Award Type: Conservation

Conservation Educator Award

Established in 2016, the Conservation Educator Award is designed to recognize individuals or organizations whose work in an educational environment supports the conservation ideals of the Garden Club of Virginia. (Nomination deadline June 1)

Dugdale Award For Meritorious Achievement In Conservation

First awarded in 1974 and named in 1989 for Mrs. Arthur A. Dugdale of the Ashland Garden Club, an outstanding member of the GCV who originated the Conservation Forum. It is presented to an organization, industry or an individual who is not a GCV member for outstanding work in conservation. (Nomination deadline June 1)

De Lacy Gray Memorial Medal For Conservation

A memorial to de Lacy Thompson Gray, given originally by the Dolley Madison Garden Club, it is presented to an individual member, or a member club, of the GCV. First awarded in 1965, it recognizes outstanding effort to further the knowledge of our natural resources and to encourage their wise use. (Nomination deadline March 1)

Common Wealth Award

Established at the Annual Meeting, May 1979 to provide an annual grant to promote projects in the interest of conservation, beautification, horticulture, preservation and education. The two word name Common Wealth was chosen to describe the "wealth" that is "common" to all Virginians. (Nomination deadline March 1. Please submit nominations to

Bessie Bocock Carter Conservation Award

Established at the Annual Meeting, May 2009 to fund implementation of a conservation project that will serve as a catalyst for community action. It is a monetary award for natural resource conservation or environmental protection within the Commonwealth. Henceforth, winners of the Bessie Bocock Carter Conservation Award will be announced at the GCV Annual Meeting